Here are the members of the lab. Contact me to join.

Caroline Bartman

PhD student (IGG, jointly advised with Gerd Blobel), Article, Interview.

Sareh Bayatpour

Research technician

Lauren Beck

PhD student (BE, HHMI Interfaces Program)

Allison Cote

Graduate student (CAMB)

Margaret Dunagin

Laboratory manager

Ben Lamarck Emert

MD/PhD student (Genomics and Computational Biology)

Rohit Gupte

Research technician, LinkedIn profile

Ian Mellis

MD/PhD student (Genomics and Computational Biology)

Arjun Raj

Principal investigator

Assistant professor, Penn Bioengineering, 2010-

Sydney Shaffer

MD/PhD student (Bioengineering)

Eduardo Torre

MD/PhD student (BMB)

Di Zhang

MD/PhD student (GCB), coadvised by Gerd Blobel


Subhadra Aiyer, Undergraduate (BE)

Daniel Wei, Masters student (BE)

Bobby Kent, Undergraduate (BE)

Hedia Maamar, Research Scientist (SlipChip LLC)

Marshall Levesque, Research Scientist (eMolecules)

Yaanik Desai, Medical student (Emory)

Andrew Biaesch, Undergraduate (BE)

Gautham Nair, Insight Data Sciences

Steven Scarfone, Undergraduate (Physics)

Matt MacLean, Undergraduate (BE)

Grace Wu, Undergraduate (BE)

Stacey Sloate, Undergraduate (Biology)

David Gabrieli, Graduate student (Penn BE)

Patrick McClanahan, Graduate student (Penn BE)

Elliott Eggan, Medical student (Penn)

Olivia Padovan-Merhar, Postdoc (Maris Lab, CHOP)

Chris Hsiung, finishing MD/PhD

Rohan Joshi, Resident, Stanford University

Stefan Torborg, MD/PhD (Tri-I, NYC)

Paul Ginart, finishing MD/PhD